Old Faithful.
Thursday, Apr. 24, 2003

This entry is completely spontaneous and is brought to you by Hewlett-Packard.


I was just reading some stuff and went to print it, and I'm idly considering my antique HP LaserJet 4L printer.

How stupid is it to be emotionally attached to an inanimate object? Is it really stupid? 'Cause I totally admire my trusted old friend Printy here.

This printer, which moves with all the speed of molasses in January at Santa's Workshop, which prints at a resolution of, like, 7 dpi, freaking rocks.

It's my oldest surviving piece of computer equipment, hard or soft, by far. I think it's on it's 5th machine since 1993 or so. A bookshelf once fell on it.

And still it rolls on. It has never locked up my PC or conflicted with any piece of hardware. It's so rudimentary that I haven't used the installation disks since 1995 or so.

I know it's nuts, but I love this old horse. I fully expect that the announcements for my memorial service will be printed on it.

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