Tuesday, Apr. 15, 2003

Finally, it may actually be here.

I don't want to jinx it or anything, since we had 8 inches of snow one freaking week ago, but it's 77 degrees and clear blue sky here today, and it feels like maybe the proverbial corner has really been turned.


In addition to the usual Spring things to be done, I will be starting my new job next Monday, so I'm really buying into the whole "Spring is renewal" thing this year. New job = new routine, and I already mentioned the new clothes in my last post.

Also, because the winter was so snowy and seemed so damned long, I'm really noticing the new leaves and flowers and all that crap. Maybe I'm just a sap, though. That's a distinct possibility.


As someone who watches way too much TV, I really hate commercials; when somebody comes up with an ad series that I really like, it's like found money or something. No, seriously.

Anyway, Washington Mutual, a bank ("financial institution," maybe), has a new bunch of commercials out that I think are pretty damn hilarious. Basically, they are all centered around the idea that good customer service and friendly lending policies and such will result in customers that are ridiculously happy and confident, almost to the point of dementia. So when one guy gets a loan, he stays in a good mood even when somebody knocks a huge pot of hot coffee over his head or hits him in the crotch with a bowling ball. In another spot, a guy tries a piece of day-old sushi, kinda scrunches up his face while he's chewing it, and then says he'll take the whole plate. Trust me, it's funny. I might even think about banking there, since commercials never lie, especially funny ones.


As part of this new Springy feeling, the site has a new look. I'd be interested in feedback, if anybody cares enough to let me know what they think. I know the new look is actually kind of spare and severe, but I like it.

Posted by mikeski at 5:20 p.m.