Pop-ups suck.
Tuesday, Mar. 11, 2003

Okay, I just want to say that I worked on today's entry for an hour and twenty minutes.

I really thought hard about what I wanted to say, and spent a lot of time with Google so that I could link just the right pages in the appropriate places.

5 seconds before submitting - I mean, I'd finished reading it over for clarity and spell-checking and was literally lifting my finger to hit the "done!" button down there - one of my open windows spawned one of those popups that extend beyond the screen so you can't close them by hitting the "X".

I know that there's a way to close those with a keystroke but I forgot, so I was alt-tabbing between windows and I somehow managed to CLOSE THE DIARYLAND POST WINDOW WITH MY UNPOSTED MASTERPIECE STILL THERE.

And, of course, I composed it in the window, not Word or whatever, so IT'S GONE FOREVER.


Stupid brain. Stupid fingers.

Stupid mikeski.

Posted by mikeski at 5:49 p.m.